Creator Services

Creator Services

cre·a·tor /krēˈādər/ (noun) : a person or thing that brings something into existence.

[dephoro] offers four unique services to creators: the Merchant Program, Website Services, a Social Network, and Community Fundraising. In an effort to make this collection of services as easy to understand and navigate as possible, we have created the Help Center, which6 explains the ins-and-outs of everything [dephoro]. This list of services shall continue to grow as the company does!


We offer a variety of selling options and a marketplace that is built specifically for, and by, creators.


We build and host personal and professional websites, including custom themes, industry-leading plugins, and a robust hosting platform.

[dephoro] is designed to be a convenience, a service, a tool, and a home for creators. A means for creators and influencers to work together towards meaningful, collective, benevolent goals.

A Creative Network

The Dream Project

The Dream Project (or [dephoro] Dream) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, geared around community-driven outreach. The Dream Project is a fundraising platform which is integrated into nearly all of the [dephoro] sites and services. We intend to use it to bring creators together to help accomplish tasks that would otherwise be difficult to complete. There are fun and festive campaigns listed alongside openly charitable and selfless campaigns, and you will be able to choose which you would like to support. For example, the platform can be used by creators to host charity events and charity auctions. Our services can all be woven together in any way you wish, so don’t hesitate to dream. Our job is to help you realize those dreams through community effort and mutual goodwill. To view our active campaigns and a more in-depth description of this project, the button below will take you to the main Dream Project website (opens in a new browser tab).

Community & Information


A social network specifically for creators to connect, network, and grow with your community and other creators!


The Help Center contains an in-depth archive of informational resources for all of the [dephoro] websites.

Contact Form

If you have any questions about our Creator Services, please fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest.